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Vanessa Hamilton
  • By Vanessa Hamilton
  • Apr 17 2014

Big Data can make a difference, but it’s people who make the REAL difference

There's no doubt that personalisation through BIG Data is one of the hottest topics around. For many brands now, the Holy Grail to customer loyalty is 'highly targeted content, presented at the right time, to the right customers, via the right platform'.

According to research from Celebrus and Teradata, 80% of brands that responded to their survey see personalisation as key to their marketing success over the next two years and 78% plan to use real-time data in their multi-channel customer experience in the future. Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing, Celebrus Technologies, sums it up:

Tim Wade
  • By Tim Wade
  • Apr 07 2014

The problem with omni-channel…

Over the last few years the business world has gone mad for omni-channel, with its interconnected customers and the 'shop anywhere' mentality. All is well and good, and as much as I agree with many aspects, there are some fundamental challenges.