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Alex Wilmott
  • By Alex Wilmott
  • Aug 26 2015

Can a Brand be Meaningful?

In Oliver North’s thriller Counterfeit Lies, the author makes a sobering observation on the idea of meaningfulness. “An easy life is rarely meaningful and a meaningful life rarely easy.” Nothing is more true than when it comes to creating a meaningful brand.

Havas Media has recently surveyed 300,000 people regarding the meaningfulness of 1000 brands across 12 different industries. Their research focussed on how people perceive each brand as well as measuring the drivers including market outputs and both personal and collective outcomes that contribute to a brand’s meaningfulness. As well as the expected giants including Google, Samsung and Sony, some smaller brands have also reached the top ten most-meaningful list; including Bimbo Bakeries. Within the top ten, the results also show how the personal engagement of technology brands continues to grow. (For the full list visit the Meaningful Brands website).