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Alex Wilmott
  • By Alex Wilmott
  • Oct 16 2015

Togetherness - Fiction or Fundamental?

"A company’s culture and a company’s brand are really just two sides of the same coin. Brand is just a lagging indicator of culture.” - Tony Hsieh CEO Zappos

In my entire lifetime, I’ve never seen my homeland qualify for a major football tournament. Though I’ve seen our rugby boys dominate the six nations a few times, supporting the Welsh football team has often been a catalyst for emptiness. I’ll never be able to rid my mind of a 12-hour round trip to Anfield as a kid to watch Wales get beat 0-2 against Italy, during another failed Euro qualification campaign.

Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Oct 09 2015

What does the VW brand stand for now?

All brands make mistakes, but what does Volkswagen need to do to win back our trust?

Tim Wade
  • By Tim Wade
  • Oct 05 2015

Misery - the key to creating standout customer experience

Reflections on Banksy and business

Picture this. You’re the CEO of a tourist attraction and your marketing director is presenting his latest idea at a board meeting. “We want to create a family theme pack unsuitable for children, where we’ll convey misery as the leading emotion. I want the theme park to acknowledge inequality and impending catastrophe”. What would you do?