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Chris Humphrey
  • By Chris Humphrey
  • May 25 2016

Compartmentalise at Your Peril

Thoughts on integrating HR into the customer experience strategy

An established high street restaurant chain contacted me to enquire whether I’d be interested in a role at their head office. A member of the HR team enthusiastically proposed an ‘exploratory meeting’ with the CMO, and so I waited. I got back to them, and waited. And waited. In the end, after several failed prompts, it took more than two months for the manager to contact me again with a very poorly written email informing me that I had been too senior for the role.

Jennie Davis
  • By Jennie Davis
  • May 10 2016

Is it a Service or an Operation?

Thoughts on sub-standard customer experience, KPI's and Dubai Airport

The Dalai Lama once wisely mused that “Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.”