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Janine Dyer
  • By Janine Dyer
  • Sep 09 2016

The Deadly World of Annoyance

Whatever you do, don't piss off your customers

One of the many benefits of the increased exposure of the ‘customer experience’ is that it’s getting easier to spot brands for whom customers are just a means to an end. As the forward-thinking brands seek to add value to the lives of their customers, in new and personal ways, some business leaders are dead set on cutting as many corners as possible.

Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Sep 02 2016

Distinction Regardless

How to become purpose-led on a tight budget

Many of the success stories of distinctive customer experiences we use in our speeches and books come from the world of big, glamorous brands with deep pockets - Virgin, Burberry, Ritz-Carlton, Disney, etc. These global business-to-customer giants tend to differentiate around a great customer experience, but usually at a premium price point.