The CX Seven Step Guide ALIGN

How do you prevent silos and politics from pulling apart in different directions?

Get cross-functional ownership, get Board level sponsorship and create an alignment framework

Here’s a few things to think about:

Create work-streams led by members of the customer experience steering group, responsible for progressing the implementation. These work-streams should include the following: 1. People. Recruitment, training, performance measurement and rewards are essential elements in ensuring you have the right people to deliver the experience, that they have the know-how and skills to do it and that they are incentivised and rewarded against customer experience KPIs. You will also need to prepare managers to lead the implementation. 2. Process. People need the tools and supporting processes and technology to help them deliver the experience so get your team thinking about the internal changes needed to support them. 3. Product and Service. Think about how you’ll dramatise your brand promise, and what new propositions and service changes are needed to enable this. 4. Internal Communication. Many people resist change, so good and constant communication is vital: what’s happening, when, how, who, why and the potential benefits to employees – not just the organisation. Brand the communication. It should be engaging, both visually and in its content. Too often we see messages lost in corporate PR speak and dull uninspiring materials. 5. Measurement. Design a customer experience scorecard so you can measure pre and post implementation to demonstrate the results. For more on this, take a look at our CEM guide on Planning to Implement

Watch out for...
Wimping out

It’s at this point, many people focus on the the easy things rather than deal with the ‘elephant on the table’. These are the big issues that will hold you back. Here’s a couple of things you can do to avoid back-tracking on commitment. Firstly, get the initiative on executive meeting agendas right at the beginning of the project, so that issues get addressed right from the start. Secondly, get your CEO to announce his or her commitment at the beginning, and use every opportunity to reinforce this to employees.

Choose your step
When you embark on the journey, you can’t stop halfway and say, “You know what, I believe in customer experience, but I’m not going to do that or we can’t afford to do this; it only works when it all works. Ronan Dunne