The CX Seven Step Guide DEFINE

How do you ensure that your customer experience really differentiates your brand?

By starting off with a really clear brand promise, which defines the differentiated value that you deliver to your target customers

Here’s a few guidelines:

A brand promise is…. an articulation of what target customers can expect from their experience with your brand. It reinforces your purpose; it replaces or aligns the numerous disconnected missions, visions, company values and customer charters evident in so many organisations that are often contradictory, confusing and of little practical value in running a business. And it’s the heartline that runs throughout your customer experience. So how do you create it? Bring together HR, Marketing and Operations. A brand promise is usually seen as being the Marketing Department’s baby. But if HR and other operating functions don’t buy into it, it becomes little more than an advertising slogan. All key functions need to own the promise and commit to doing whatever is needed to delivering it. Start with your brand positioning. Be absolutely clear what your brand stands for and the value this represents to your target customers. Your brand positioning provides the context for your brand promise. Next, go back to the value drivers you identified in your research. Define a brand promise that will deliver those values, differentiate you and align with your brand positioning. Create a set of clear concise statements that underpins this promise. These must be actionable ie able to be understood by employees and translatable into behaviours that deliver your promise. See our CEM guides for more on defining your brand promise

Watch out for...
Copywriter seduction

It’s all too easy to focus more on the sizzle than the substance. Don’t let the effort default to creative copywriting rather than nailing the fundamental commitments you will make. Focus on content first; creativity second.

Choose your step
The most important thing a company can do is to stand for some-thing. The values the company possesses should be distinct and define the DNA. They should be impactful with specific language used to define those values; not the saccharine, sugar-coated terms that are meant to please anybody and everybody. Robert Stephens
Founder, The Geek Squad