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What drives loyalty in your business?

Defining the top three of four values that drive customer loyalty, is key to defining your promise and designing your experience

Here are a few guidelines to help you:

Start with your most profitable customers. These are the ones you want more of because they represent the biggest returns. Identify the key customer touchpoints. You will want to use these as a framework for your research. Qualitative research. Focus first on a small group of representative target customers. Use focus groups or interviews to probe for likes, dislikes and loyalty behaviours. The main question to ask however is ‘What do you value most from a best-in-class provider offering our type of service/product?’ Ask them to prioritise and rate your brand against these expectations. Quantitative. Focus on the top 20 expectations and use these to build a survey to validate with a larger group of target customers. Correlate the results with intention to return or recommend. This forms a core set of value drivers, that will become the basis of your brand promise. Create an expectation map to identify what customers expect at each key touch-point with your brand. This will help with your experience design. Hone your own instinct to help interpret the data. Step into your customers’ shoes and try and experience the same type of journey as your customers. A good way of doing this is to select a similar brand of which you yourself maybe a customer, and then identify the different elements of the experience as you interact with that brand. This gives you understanding not only of a customer’s practical needs, but the emotional needs and the factors that influence them. For more on this, see our CEM guide on Customer Loyalty

Watch out for...
Slicing and dicing

by every single customer segment. Focusing on multiple market segments is good for communicating your promise but useless for defining it. You’ll end up trying to be all things to all people. Focus on your primary target customers, what you stand for as a brand and the value you bring them.

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The best way we can increase sales and increase our potential over the long term is to fully understand how we connect with the customer and, on an emotional level, what our customers' expectations are - all the things that got us to where we are now Scott Livengood
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