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How do you rally your organisation behind your customer experience? We can help. As our client testimonials prove, we have a reputation for providing customer experience speakers that create real impact.

  • “Will help us to get buy-in from our senior managers and staff” The Hyde Group
  • “Gave all our team a great kick start to get out there and make difference” Big Yellow Self Storage
  • “Brilliant, thought-provoking and inspiring” Oracle


We help you rev up the energy, create a buzz around your strategy, stimulate new thinking and bring clarity about what needs to be done to deliver exceptional experience.



We help your teams think innovatively around your customer experience, and achieve clarity on how to implement it, deliver it and sustain it.


Food for thought:

Executive seminars, facilitated breakfast and dinner sessions, and round-the-table debates. Short thought-provoking and collaborative events that address the big questions facing your organisation and your customers.

Hot topics

Over 85% of businesses say customer experience is one of their top strategic priorities (Forrester Research 2012). Yet it’s a topic which continues to cause confusion and management division. This is one debate we love to lead!

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Brand Experience Masterclass - BOLD

What will it take to make your brand stand out? And what will it take to turn your customers AND your employees into fans?

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