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You have perhaps already mapped your customer journey and may even have started thinking about what it might look like in the future. But the chances are you are getting bogged down in detailed process maps, arguments about which touch-points to focus on and where you need to 'wow' versus merely satisfy your customers.

No? Trust us - you will.

Our customer experience design workshop takes a simple yet rigorous approach to defining the touch-points, understanding the experience you currently provide and then using your brand promise as a framework, designing the new experience. By working with executives from across the various functions we ensure that the design of the experience is rooted in your brand and what it stands for, yet grounded in the operational realities. It also ensures that the fit between the customer experience and employee experience is forged early on as we know from our work and research that this is the only way to sustain success.

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What we'll cover

  • The desired ‘emotion curve’ of the customer and how the experience needs to be delivered to achieve this.
  • The touch-points you need to ‘over-index’ in order to dramatise your promise and create hallmarks for your brand.
  • People, process and product implications and a blueprint for action.
Smith+Co created an end-to-end view of our customers' experience across their life-cycle using our NPS data. The workshop was pivotal to bringing together the functions around that common view and inspired us to create an experience that not only had shared ownership, but was on brand, differentiated and focused our resources and finances to only over-deliver at the key points which made the biggest difference to our customers and our business success.

Aleksandra Alfonso
Global head of branded customer experience, Symantec

We don’t do standard workshops. Each is specifically designed for each client. But there’s a few key things they all have in common:

They’re fast paced. A full intensive immersion into the ‘how to’, the tools, the practices that really work and the chance to question the experts. For this reason, we always recommend pre-work reading and assignments so that executives come into the workshop with a shared understanding of the methodology and the terminology

They’re immediately applicable. Whilst covering the theory, much of the time will be spend on the application, so people walk away with practical action plans that can start to be implemented the very next day. We provide guides and tools to help with the application.

They’re interactive. We avoid the usual ‘data dump’ and long onerous power-point sessions. Our style is high energy, challenging, idea-inducing, entertaining and engagingly experiential. If you can’t create a buzz around customer experience at this stage, you can’t expect your team to lead it with any enthusiasm. We use digital and case studies to bring this to life for delegates as well as self-assessments to determine where you are on your journey.

They focus on innovative practice, rather than best practice. They build on our research, books and experience of working with innovative brands around the world. So we draw on examples such as Apple, Burberry, O2 but also include many other less known brands to demonstrate that you don’t have to be bit to be innovative