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What We Offer

Whether it's through customer experience consultancy, workshops or event speaking, we can help you implement your Customer Experience initiative in the quickest, simplest and most effective way.  We help you put in place the understanding and ethos supported by the right people, processes and product so that providing a great customer experience becomes part of the way you do business.  Here's what we can help you achieve:-

Helping your team and your customer experience get off to the best possible start

Defining the right customer experience strategy linked to your purpose and brand positioning.  Creating a solid business case focused on key metrics.  Inspiring and aligning your executive team.  Creating a practical road-map to implement your experience.

Absolute clarity on what your target customers expect and what drives their advocacy and loyalty:

Using our research tools we help you focus solely on those factors that really achieve customer satisfaction. We use real insight to identify the values that drive customer loyalty and retention and the key actions needed to increase both.

A promise that defines what customers can expect, and provides focus for your people.

We help you define a promise that reinforces your brand positioning, builds the foundation for your customer experience and aligns the many visions, values and customer charters that often confuse and are of little practical value in leading a business.​

An experience that is intentional, consistent, differentiated and valuable to target customers.

​We help you define what you need to do to deliver your brand promise at every touchpoint. And, most importantly, which touchpoints to ‘dramatise’ so that they become hallmarks for your brand.

Recognising the vital role your employees play in the delivery of your customer experience:

Using our own Employee Experience assessment tools we look at employee engagement with your brand.  We create branded training to equip employees with the skills and knowledge to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

A scorecard and metrics linked to your strategy and financial targets, enabling you to sustain your effort long-term.

​We help you monitor your performance on the key drivers of customer loyalty, and align your financial reporting and your KPIs. This ensures you reward people for the right behaviours and the effort is sustained.


What Our Clients Say

“I have worked with many consultants, but Smith+Co are unquestionably the best. Based on the very first workshop they conducted for us, our organization became smarter about our customers – and keenly aware of the gaps that our existing experience provided them, vis-à-vis their expectations. Our organization became more informed and more focused. I would hire them again in an instant.”

Susan Phillips, VP Global Marketing, Paypal
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There is no doubt about it, the pressure is on for UK retailers in 2017. The Government's plan to hike rates for high-street shops will inevitably have an impact on their costs and feed through to higher prices for the consumer. We need to be given a valid reason for not shopping around for the cheapest price, or indeed just simply clicking on Amazon. So in order to build customer loyalty, retailers need to look for ways of making the shopping experience truly memorable if they are to survive. 'Ok' is no longer good enough. As consumers, we're not only looking for much more, we now expect it.


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