About us

Smith+Co was founded in 2002.  We believed then, as we do now, that customer advocacy and loyalty are created through defining a customer experience that is aligned to a brand's purpose and what it stands for.

Over the years we've helped many brands create clarity around their brand purpose and how to translate this into an experience that differentiates the brand and wins customer loyalty.  But don't just take our word for it - take a look at what our clients say.

“Smith+Co helped us turn high-level brand strategy into specific elements of a new branded customer experience that could be delivered in complex operational situations. Their ability to draw on a broad range of perspectives from within and outside our sector helped us raise the bar on what to deliver and consider new ways to make it happen”

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Why choose us:

Although we've grown in reputation, we've kept our size small, steering clear of the bells and whistles that drive up cost. We don't have an HQ, nor do we employ an army of MBAs but, as our client testimonials show, we do have one of the most trusted brands in customer experience.

We've specialised in customer experience for long enough to know what works - and what doesn't. We were founded by Shaun Smith, one of the leading authorities in customer experience and supported by a team of experts in customer insight, experience design and implementation, branded training and experience measurement.

We know that customer experience only works when it ALL works. That's why we focus on helping you build an alignment framework and engaging stakeholders and different functions right from the start.

You'll never achieve a differentiated experience by simply following a process, applying models or copying best practice. We get teams to think differently. And through our research and work with many truly bold companies, we bring some of the most innovative thinking from brands around the world.

Rather than sending in a bunch of consultants to do it for you, we use our workshops and train-the-trainer experts to prepare your team to implement customer experience and train your own people to deliver and measure it. This helps you build the right foundation and create the internal capability to ensure the results are sustained long after we're gone.

The ultimate aim of developing a customer experience strategy is to deliver a commercial return. Our CX case studies demonstrate our commitment to this.


Our Team

Unlike many consultancies, we don't employ an army of full-time consultants, analysts and researchers. Instead, we support our clients through an international network of implementation partners and subject matter experts. This enables us to bring together exactly the right team with the best expertise and industry experience for each client and project and to do so in a way that allows us to be much more cost-effective.

Smith+Co also offers a Speaker division. Our speakers delivers conference speeches, facilitate management seminars and design and deliver executive workshops worldwide. The team are experts in communicating, stimulating and engaging management teams and frontline employees behind the customer experience. See more about our speakers