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Our Story

With a team of passionate and experienced consultants, Smith+Co was born to help organisations create stand-out customer experiences. We believed then, as we do now, that advocacy and business growth demands a memorable customer experience that is aligned to what a brand stands for.

We recognised at the turn of the century that to be a stand out brand, business leaders were having to work a lot harder. Traditional advertising wasn't guaranteeing success or business growth anymore. Competition was increasing across many different markets, and brands had to reimagine their customer experiences or face fading into obscurity.

Customer Experience:
From Marketing to Contact Centres

Since Shaun Smith founded Smith+Co in 2002, we've helped high profile and well established clients grow their businesses including Burberry, PayPal, O2 and Premier Inn. Our clients appreciate that we recognise that their customer experience needs to be seen as a holistic concept that spans their whole organisation – from sales and marketing, through customer services and contact centres to human resources and operations.

“Smith+Co helped us turn high-level brand strategy into specific elements of a new branded customer experience that could be delivered in complex operational situations. Their ability to draw on a broad range of perspectives from within and outside our sector helped us raise the bar on what to deliver and consider new ways to make it happen”

Peter Gowers, CEO,IHG Asia
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We Believe In:

Many consultants seem to want to make things as complicated as possible, for us this just seems backwards. We would rather make the complex issues as simple as possible. Customer experience strategy should be easy for everyone to understand and act upon, it's far more powerful and engaging that way. Delivering commercial results return in the first year of implementing our customer experience strategy.

We believe in bringing together a team with the appropriate skills, sector expertise and, most importantly, practical experience for your need. Our team have held senior roles in organisations and understand how to implement customer experience successfully. As a result, we have one of the most trusted brands as our client testimonials show.

Rather than us sending in a bunch of consultants to do it for you, we co-create alongside you to design and implement the customer experience. This helps you build the right foundation and create the internal capability to ensure long term success. AND it saves you money in the long term, which is important to us.

Customer experience cannot be summed up as a tactical delivery of a nice app. The customer experience should be considered with a holistic approach to an entire organisation and needs to be embedded within the core strategy and culture.

We believe that knowledge should be shared, which is why we’ve made much of our own experience available in our resources and tools section. You'll find a collection of tips, sins, tales and insights that can help you define your customer experience.

The ultimate aim of developing a customer experience strategy is to deliver a commercial return. Our CX case studies demonstrate our commitment to this, with one of our major hospitality sector customers reporting a 22:1 return in the first year after implementing the customer experience programme we helped them to design.


Our Team

We recognise that customer experience needs to be holistic across the whole organisation and engrained in the core culture, which is why we have grown a team of specialists from across a variety of industries. Experts in marketing, people, contact centres, insight, measurement and operations aligned around helping organisations create stand-out customer experiences.


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