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Important Customer Experience Lessons for Retailers

Sophie Langham | Feb 27 2017

There is no doubt about it, the pressure is on for UK retailers in 2017. The Government's plan to hike rates for high-street shops will inevitably have an impact on their costs and feed through to higher prices for the consumer. We need to be given a valid reason for not shopping around for the cheapest price, or indeed just simply clicking on Amazon. So in order to build customer loyalty, retailers need to look for ways of making the shopping experience truly memorable if they are to survive. 'Ok' is no longer good enough. As consumers, we're not only looking for much more, we now expect it.

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“I have worked with many consultants, but Smith+Co are unquestionably the best. Based on the very first workshop they conducted for us, our organization became smarter about our customers.”

Susan Phillips, VP GlobalMarketing
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