Corona Energy Re-energises The Customer Experience for B2B Markets

Corona Energy is a leading independent energy supplier to the UK commercial, industrial and public sectors. Since inception in 1995 Corona has stayed true to a strong set of values which encourage employees to challenge the status quo and be inspired to find new ways to make things better. Having already established a strong and positive team culture, and a clear stated purpose of "helping our customers' business to thrive", their ambition was to take things to the next level of outstanding customer service.

To achieve this Corona Energy recognised the need for a deeper understanding of what customers truly value at each point of interaction, in order to then find ways to translate this insight into real benefits which would make a positive difference to the overall customer experience.

Seeking specialist customer experience management expertise, as well as a truly independent analysis of the values and preferences of their customer, Corona opted to bring in Smith + Co to give their customer experience initiative real focus and impetus .

Firmly believing that the best and most successful CX programmes occur when the client themselves buy-in and are involved fully in the process, Smith+Co used their unique approach to guide the Corona team through creating a bespoke insight gathering task to thoroughly understand the current Corona B2B customer experience from the customer's perspective. Armed with the facts the combined team were then able to generate a detailed customer journey map which highlighted clear hallmark moments (points where the customer derives the greatest value) for both corporate and SME customers.

This absolute clarity around the expectations of valued customer groups allowed Corona to articulate a brand promise with real meaning for both staff and customers. Again with the support of Smith+Co they began to design an intentional customer experience covering brilliant basics and those magic moments which set them apart from their competitors.

Most importantly Corona, as part of this design process, identified and removed the barriers to staff being able to deliver on the brand promise - in particular:

  • removing the IVR system, thereby creating the "human touch" and the means for a customer call experience to be truly personalised.
  • moving away from being process driven and allowing staff the freedom to listen and respond to individual customer needs within the guidelines of the brand promise.
  • launching "Idea Days", encouraging teams to take time to get together (in the pub if desired) to generate customer-focused ideas.

So did putting the customer at the heart of this CX journey work? The answer must be a resounding "Yes!" with significant and measurable improvements achieved in the first 12 months:

  • NPS increased by 34 points
  • SME renewals increased from 50% to 70%
  • Call quality (as rated by customers) improved from 4 and 5 out of 10 to 7 and 8 out of 10
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