B2B Customer Experience Excellence Pays Off For eNett

eNett are a fast growing global financial technology company, specialising in B2B payments in the travel sector.  Working with some of the world's largest travel agents, including Booking.com, they provide an efficient and cost effective way for travel agents to make payments to suppliers in multiple currencies, mitigating risk and simplifying reconciliation.

As a forward thinking and innovative company eNett recognised the need to offer exceptional service to business customers in this competitive and heavily regulated marketplace.  Acting on this realisation they began an initiative to gain a deeper understanding of their own service offering as perceived by the customers they serve, as a starting point on the journey to improving and differentiating the customer experience for the future .

Appreciating the complexity of such an initiative across multiple customer groups and geographically spread office locations around the world, eNett chose to enlist the support of customer experience experts, Smith+Co.  Proven international project expertise combined with many years spent delivering customer experience transformation initiatives in a number of different industry sectors meant that Smith+Co consultants were ideally placed for the challenge eNett wished to set for them.

Using flexible, well-tested insight gathering techniques, tailored to address the particular traits of this specialist industry, Smith+Co created a bespoke research programme.  Following the customer journey the research tested what was expected and valued vs what was actually delivered at each step.

Valuable insight gained through this process allowed the Smith+Co team, working with the eNett senior leadership team, to identify the points in the customer journey which presented the best opportunity to create real impact and value for the customer - the hallmark moments where focus and investment would deliver the greatest return.

A deeper dive into the research findings also supported the definition of an overall purpose and customer promise which would resonate with staff and customers alike.

With these essentials in place, work on the design of a new customer experience to bring the promise and hallmark moments alive for customers could begin.  Working with eNett teams in London, Singapore and Melbourne a mix of product, people and process developments were agreed and prioritised, with Smith+ Co then supporting internal workstreams in employee experience, customer experience, communication and measurement to begin the process of implementation across the organisation.

An already positive, open-minded and fun culture made the task of aligning the wider eNett team to the newly articulated purpose an easier one, with the whole organisation involved in interactive sessions, empowering each individual team member to embrace the defined customer experience and really bring it alive for customers in their every interaction with the company.

This focus on putting the customer at the heart of the business delivered rapid results with eNett seeing a huge 39 point increase in their Net Promoter Score along with a 64% increase in global net revenue within a year of implementing their customer experience initiative. Their enthusiasm for and concentration on customer service excellence persists as, refusing to rest on their laurels, eNett in partnership with Smith + Co continues to innovate and quest for new ways to offer their business customers unique hallmark moments.

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