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Smith+Co Iberia

Smith+Co Iberia was founded in 2017 and represents Smith+Co throughout the region

We have one aim 

To help your brand be the No 1 choice for your people and your customers

We have one core belief 

Customer experience starts with purpose.  We believe in the power of purpose to transform a brand's culture, its customer experience and, in so doing, its business results.

We have one simple approach

Keep it small, keep it simple. Our focus is to enable companies to become more customer-centric, breaking the silos, connecting the dots and turning complex business challenges into simple, achievable and impactful initiatives. We do that by keeping a small but very experienced, highly dedicated team of experts that can actually make a difference. That’s also why we only take a limited number of clients every year.

We have one way of doing it

We do it WITH you, not TO you.  Whether it's a major long-term project, an executive workshop, a training session or a speech, the way we work with our clients is consulting-lite and hands-on. That’s why we only accept assignments that aren't likely to end up simply as a powerpoint presentation on someone’s desktop.

Smith+Co Iberia Team

Ramiro Martins

Managing Partner

An expert in differentiating brands and designing new competitive advantages for products and services, Ramiro was CEO of a Risk Assessment Company before joining Smith+Co Iberia. He took this company from being a very conservative organisation, to risk assessment market leader in just three years: using predictive algorithms and differentiated tools to cut costs and increase sales by 400%. A seasoned executive, Ramiro has been the CEO of several companies in the Insurance, Health Care, Retail and Publishing industries during his 30+ year career. All of them eventually became market leaders. He has also been a Professor of Strategic Marketing, Branding and Marketing Predictive Methodologies at AESE Business School for more than 20 years. In addition Ramiro is a Partner of Algorithm, a Predictive Marketing Company based in Lisbon.

Eurico Nobre

Managing Partner

Bringing the customer to the boardroom has always been Eurico’s passion. During his 20+ years experience he has worked with brands like Nestlé, BP, Santander, Siemens and VW. A CRM, Customer Experience and open innovation expert, specialised in differentiating brands across multiple-channels, his career spans many industries, including media, entertainment and marketing services. He has held several executive roles, including CEO of the Ogilvy Group in Portugal, Chief Strategy Officer of the holding GLD (financial services, retail, pharma and wine production) and partner of the Barcelona based BIBA Venture Partners, a innovation boutique. He has a Marketing degree, a Master in Management from Catholic University, the Strategic Marketing Program from Ross Business School, University of Michigan and the Executive MBA from AESE | IESE, where he is a Teaching Fellow and an award-winning case writer.

Smith+Co Iberia Office

Rua Carlos de Oliveira nº3 2A, 1600-028 Lisboa
Contact Details
Eurico Nobre
t: +351 910 570 749
e: [email protected]

“I have worked with many consultants, but Smith+Co are unquestionably the best. Based on the very first workshop they conducted for us, our organization became smarter about our customers.”

Susan Phillips, VP GlobalMarketing
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