Smith+Co and Caffeine

At Smith+Co we’ve always believed that for brands to thrive in a downturn they need to have a clear sense of purpose, deliver an intentional customer experience that is valuable for customers, and create cultures that enable them to adapt quickly.

Which is why we’re delighted to announce that Smith+Co is joining forces with The Caffeine Partnership, advisors who specialise in brand-led growth. Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan have co-authored four books and share a common philosophy so this partnership simply formalises their work together over many years.

This partnership offers clients a unique joined-up approach to business growth: from uniting leaders around a clear purpose, engaging and aligning the business with that purpose, to delivering an intentional customer experience that differentiates the brand and builds customer loyalty.

To find out more please download the press release.

“Caffeine has worked informally with Smith+Co for a number of years and we’ve seen the market mature. Business leaders are increasingly looking for a holistic approach to purpose definition and branded experience design and delivery. We're looking forward to working together more."

Andy Milligan,
Founding Partner, The Caffeine Partnership | Managing Partner, Smith+Co

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