Corona Energy Re-energises The Customer Experience for B2B Markets

Corona Energy had already defined their purpose – Helping our customers’ business to thrive. What they needed was to deliver this through their people and the customer experience. Smith+Co worked with Corona to provide them with real insight into the current customer experience and define where they should create value for their customers and differentiate against their competitors. Like most markets the B2B energy sector is competitive and dominated by large established players. The opportunity for Corona was to really stand out through the brand and customer experience against a sea of sameness and dullness in the B2B energy world.

What we did

Smith+Co began by conducting qualitative and quantitative research (using our proprietary CEM+ Survey) with the loyal customers. This enabled us to:

  • Provide deep insight to understand what these customers truly valued, what they deemed important
  • Create the customer journey (ECG curves), with clear hall mark moments identified for both SME customers and corporate customers
  • Define a brand promise that differentiated the brand and aligned the business
  • Design the high-level customer experience – brilliant basics and magic moments, to deliver the promise at every touch-point
  • Launch the strategy to their entire team and propose a communications and training cascade to implement it.

The Corona Steering group then implemented a range of initiatives that were identified through our customer experience workshop;

  • Eliminated the IVR system to create a much more personal call experience in the contact centre
  • Created the ‘ideal caller experience’ and trained their agents to deliver it
  • Moved teams away from being process driven to more customer-focused – listening more, truly understanding customers’ needs to enable a better cross sell and customer experience, being more confident about delivering a great customer experience
  • Idea days – where teams are given the time and the freedom to get together (in the pub if they wanted to) to generate customer-focused ideas.
  • Developed a more personalised ‘My Corona’ portal where customers can easily find all the information about their account

Results of the CX investment

The results in the first 12months

  • NPS increased by 34 points (from -14 to +20) in 12 months
  • SME renewals increased from 50% to 70%
  • Call quality improved from 4 and 5 out of 10 to 7 and 8 out of 10
  • Calls answer in 10secs improved 10%
  • £1million more revenue from better lead generation

Feedback from the client

“We thought we were doing well, but the insight provided by Smith+Co was a big eye opener to our performance and the opportunities that we had”

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