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How to become purpose-led on a tight budget

Many of the success stories of distinctive customer experiences we use in our speeches and books come from the world of big, glamorous brands with deep pockets - Virgin, Burberry, Ritz-Carlton, Disney, etc. These global business-to-customer giants tend to differentiate around a great customer experience, but usually at a premium price point.

“Is it possible to be purpose-led, offer highly distinctive customer and employee experiences on a tight budget? ”Shaun Smith

But what about a smaller organisation, operating in a price-sensitive market offering the much less glamorous and usually commoditised product of social housing? Is it possible to be purpose led, offer highly distinctive customer and employee experiences on a tight budget?

Smith+Co spoke with RHP housing to find out if size and deep pockets really do matter when it comes to having a higher purpose and delivering a distinctive experience.

RHP at a Glance…

“We had to get our employees ready for the digital age, and we’ve been on a journey for the last five years to do that.”

“This means improving their digital skills, giving them technology that is commensurate to that that they’d have in the outside world.”

RHP has 263 employees and became the only housing provider in the sector to offer a full suite of digital services for customers in any place, on any device, 24/7, 365.

Access the exclusive case study here

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