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Our resources bank is a collection of practical tips and insights gained from our years of experience in helping people design, implement and deliver customer experience. We keep adding to our tools and guides to reflect new thinking and innovation in this fast-moving, specialist topic.  Check back often to see what's new.. .

CEM Toolkit

Our Customer Experience Management toolkit supports our book On Purpose – delivering branded customer experiences customers love’.

Whereas the book describes WHY successful brands embarked on this incredible journey, and the case studies provide rich detail about WHAT they did – the toolkit provides a simplified version of some of the tools used in HOW they achieved their results.

The toolkit can be used alone, but works best as a companion to the book. To access the tools, simply click on the Use The Toolkit icon below.


CX Guides

There are numerous approaches to customer experience management - some of them better than others.

From gathering customer insight and designing your customer experience through to aligning your organisation and measuring the impact of your CX initiative, a quick look through our ‘how-to’ guides and self assessment tools will help you get started or provide a more in depth view of a range of different aspects of the broader customer experience topic.


CX Books

Uncommon Practice

By | Sep 08 2017|

"Gives the reader access to the thought-processes of some of the most remarkable executives and brand managers today." Matt Haig, Amazon reviewer

Managing the Customer Experience

By | Sep 08 2017|

'A blueprint for any organization that wants to deliver a customer experience that builds its brand. Don't just read this book - use it!' Scott Timmins, VP Marketing, Babson College

Don’t Mess with the Logo

By | Sep 08 2017|

'Packed with the essentials of brand theory and practical tips. Does for brand management what the Haynes workshop manuals do for cars.' Peter Gowers, formerly CEO, IHG Asia-Pacific


Jargon Buster

Consultants just love to use jargon. In an effort to demystify some of the terminology, we've defined some of the terms we hear used. The definitions are by no means sacred - and you'll find that other consultancies may define the terms in different ways. But at least you'll now know what WE mean and we promise to use as few as possible!

“Smith+Co have a deep understanding of the complexities of customer experience and were extremely effective in helping us to build our brand around customer experience. I recommend that companies focusing on customer experience take advantage of their expertise.”

Lorena Baker Harris, Director Corporate Marketing
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