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Brand it Like Beckham

By | Sep 08 2017|

'Fascinating book. Milligan explains and conveys the essence of modern brand management in a highly accessible and readable manner.'
The Chartered institute of Marketing

Richmond Housing Case Study

By | Sep 08 2017|

How does an organisation, operating in a price-sensitive market offering the much less glamorous and usually commoditised product of social housing; deliver a distinctive customer experience? Is it possible to be purpose-led on a tight budget? Smith+Co spoke with RHP housing to find out if size and deep pockets really do matter when it comes to having a higher purpose and delivering a distinctive experience.

Don’t Mess with the Logo

By | Sep 08 2017|

'Packed with the essentials of brand theory and practical tips. Does for brand management what the Haynes workshop manuals do for cars.'
Peter Gowers, formerly CEO, IHG Asia-Pacific

See Feel Think Do

By | Sep 08 2017|

"A brilliant book about learning to trust your instincts and to become more proactive in your decision-making"
Richard Hammond, Amazon reviewer

Managing the Customer Experience

By | Sep 08 2017|

'A blueprint for any organization that wants to deliver a customer experience that builds its brand. Don't just read this book - use it!'
Scott Timmins, VP Marketing, Babson College

Uncommon Practice

By | Sep 08 2017|

"Gives the reader access to the thought-processes of some of the most remarkable executives and brand managers today."
Matt Haig, Amazon reviewer

“Smith+Co have a deep understanding of the complexities of customer experience and were extremely effective in helping us to build our brand around customer experience. I recommend that companies focusing on customer experience take advantage of their expertise.”

Lorena Baker Harris, Director Corporate Marketing
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