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Use our glossary tool to search for and demystify some of the terminology surrounding customer experience.  Each consultancy may use different terms to describe what they mean so don't take these definitions as sacred, however here we've defined some of the terms we hear to explain what WE mean.
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No, not an Excel sheet viewed at 150% for the visually challenged, it is in fact integrating huge amounts of meta-data to arrive at new insights.

The way a portfolio of brands is structured. This is normally the basis of the brand model. Spanning from a 'monolithic' architecture where the brand name and identity is used for all products and services to 'free-standing' architecture to where a brand or corporation may be offstage and each product or service has its own particular brand. It's the difference between central control and free expression. Think BMW versus P&G.

The brand expressed in the simplest, most single-minded terms e.g. Volvo = safety. Brand boiled down to the jus. The brand essence often forms the basis for the advertising tag line. E.g. Nike= Just do it.

Mainly used by agencies to describe controlled environments such as promotional events or expos where the brand is brought to life and is often interactive. This can apply to products, communications or behaviours.

The combination of tangible communication assets normally protected by copyright. Traditionally comprising logo, symbol, typefaces, colours and tone of voice. This can be broken down by visual and verbal identity.

Derived from a 1980s term to describe the brand from the perspective of the consumer. Where the identity is something controlled by the owner, the consumer decides the image.

The person who gets all the credit when it works or fired when it doesn't!

The strategy and architecture of a brand expressed as a schematic. These can vary from 'Brand Wheels to Brand Pyramids to Brand Bicycles (just kidding) ' depending on the agency. Often used as shorthand for different types or approaches to branding e.g. 'Virgin's Championing model'.

Attributes of a brand that influence its behaviour in the market place. These are often humanised and are used as part of the strategy and guidance for a brand. E.g. A warm caring friend.

A sentence or phrase that defines the territory the brand wishes to occupy in the minds of its target audience. It defines its distinctive position compared with other brands. E.g. Holiday Inn "Championing the real world".

Communicates what target customers can expect from their experience with an organisation. It describes the value a company must deliver to its clients in order to motivate buying and loyalty behaviour. It drives the company's actions and investments in people, processes and products. E.g. Premier Inn: A good night's sleep, guaranteed.

A statement/strapline that summarises the brand benefits e.g. Symantec 'Creating confidence in a connected world'. Often used synonymously with Brand Positioning.

How much more of a premium people are prepared to pay that can be attributed to the brand, normally calculated for the benefit of shareholders, taxation or financial assessment of intangible assets.

Those attributes which define the brand and how it is different. The key is authenticity and delivering them consistently e.g. Virgin's values are: innovation, entertainment, customer champion and value.

The impression that the customer receives at each and every touch-point and the extent to which this dramatises the brand promise and delivers a consistent, intentional, differentiated and valuable experience.

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