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Use our glossary tool to search for and demystify some of the terminology surrounding customer experience.  Each consultancy may use different terms to describe what they mean so don't take these definitions as sacred, however here we've defined some of the terms we hear to explain what WE mean.
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A detailed map of the customer journey describing the processes and behaviours that will bring the customer promise alive at each key customer touch point. This should also identify the brand 'hallmarks' those specific moments where you can wow the customer to truly differentiate your brand and create a memorable experience.

The entire process of defining, designing and delivering the experience that a customer receives which differentiates the brand and drives customer advocacy. What CRM consultants often say they offer but rarely do. (It's what we are best at even if we do say so ourselves!)

The key measures that enable the organisation to measure the delivery of its promise and impact on business results.

The keys steps where a customer engages with a brand; from awareness to purchase, to lifetime relationship.

A collection of statements or customer commitments that support the overall brand promise at a more granular level and describe what the organisation will do to deliver the promise. Its purpose is to focus the entire organisation (and, as such, will not usually be communicated to customers) on those critical customer-focused actions that lead to improved business results. E.g. O2 'Making our customers lives easier'.

The process of capturing customer data, tracking customer behaviour and using this to communicate more effectively, for example loyalty cards. Often used too narrowly to mean the technology that enables it.

“Smith+Co have a deep understanding of the complexities of customer experience and were extremely effective in helping us to build our brand around customer experience. I recommend that companies focusing on customer experience take advantage of their expertise.”

Lorena Baker Harris, Director Corporate Marketing
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