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Use our glossary tool to search for and demystify some of the terminology surrounding customer experience.  Each consultancy may use different terms to describe what they mean so don't take these definitions as sacred, however here we've defined some of the terms we hear to explain what WE mean.
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To create a brand promise, you must first determine customers' value drivers i.e. those expectations that drive attraction, retention and referral of your most profitable customers e.g. seat comfort for long-haul passengers.

How the brand speaks to its audience. Normally described in a humanised way. For example, tones: warm and friendly, authoritative, straightforward and challenging e.g. Innocent smoothies: 'Enjoy by date'.

Outlines what a company wants to achieve. It focuses on the future; it is inspirational and engages people in a way that is highly focused and energising e.g. Apple ' A computer in every home'.

“Smith+Co have a deep understanding of the complexities of customer experience and were extremely effective in helping us to build our brand around customer experience. I recommend that companies focusing on customer experience take advantage of their expertise.”

Lorena Baker Harris, Director Corporate Marketing
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