Branded Customer Experience Training

Designing your experience is one thing; implementing it is another. Achieving the engagement of every employee and every department entails significant investment in education and training, effective teamwork, performance management, communications and technology.

Delivering your customer experience can only be achieved by aligning the whole organisation behind the brand promise. Successful business alignment means that Marketing, HR and Operations must have a collective role in the planning and implementation, to ensure that the right skills and knowledge as well as infrastructure and processes are in place.

Watch Out For...

Wimping Out

It’s at this point that many people focus on the the easy things rather than deal with the ‘elephant in the room’ – the big issues that will hold you back. Here’s a couple of things you can do to avoid back-tracking on commitment.

Get the initiative on executive meeting agendas right at the beginning of the project, so that issues get addressed right from the start. Get your CEO to announce their commitment at the beginning, and use every opportunity to reinforce this to employees.

How Smith + Co Can Help

  • Alignment – we create a framework so that other initiatives are implemented holistically.

  • Work-stream support – we suggest how to implement the design through your internal functions supported by Smith+Co where appropriate.

  • Branded customer experience training – the opportunity to create memorable moments is at its greatest when customers interact with people. We therefore recommend designing branded training for your people to equip them with the skills to deliver the branded customer experience.

Branded Training

This stage is about making it happen – implementing your customer experience design to deliver on the promise. Drawing on our many years of implementation experience across a diverse range of business types, we focus on a practical approach helping you to determine workstream priorities, align stakeholders and functions and providing the necessary support and guidance to make your brand promise and customer experience design a reality.

A key part of any successful implementation is employee engagement so giving employees the skills and knowledge in what they need to do to deliver the experience, as well as being supported by the products and processes to do so, is at the core of our approach.

We develop differentiated training that teaches people not just what the core behaviours are but how to live them for customers – training that really enables people to turn company and brand values into competitive advantage. Our innovative and engaging branded training, instead of giving a prescriptive formula on what to do to be the best, helps employees ‘get it’ for themselves., our belief being that this results in a higher level of employee satisfaction and commitment as well as embedding the core values which make your customer experience sustainable for the long term.

“The support, guidance and direction given by Smith+Co have enabled us to create a positive change in the selling culture within the Waterstones business. The approach they took has ensured buy-in at all levels within the business.”

David Rowntree, Divisional Director

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