Customer Experience Strategy & Design

Experience is whatever the customer perceives it to be – and you can’t manage it completely. What you can do is influence that experience by being very intentional about where and how you deliver your brand promise in order to create hallmarks of the customer experience that create advocacy.

The challenge is to see the experience from the point of view of the customer not the organisation, and to manage the complexity of multiple touchpoints across a number of different channels which make up the typical customer journey.

Watch Out For...

Design by Committee

You need cross-functional input but if you present a blank sheet to the team, you’ll get bogged down in arguments and paralysed by too many voices wanting to go in too many different directions. So begin by creating a strawman design and then set aside a day with the cross-functional team to debate it, evolve it and plan to implement it.

How Smith + Co Can Help

  • The customer experience workshop – we conduct a creative two-day workshop and refine the brand promise and design the detailed multi-channel experience for key target customers
  • Detail the hallmark moments – we focus on how to make the hallmark touchpoints deliver customer expectations and the ‘brilliant basics’ and ‘memorable moments’ that create customer loyalty and advocacy
  • An executive report and briefing with recommendations for the customer experience and blueprint for implementation

Making CX Design Real

Your customer experience is built around your brand purpose and promise. We bring together key people from across your business so that all functional areas are involved directly in the creative process of identifying pain points, opportunities and also the hallmark touchpoints that will really differentiate your brand and emotionally engage your customers.

Working in this way makes the experience design real for your business, improving employee engagement and ensuring that the output is something which can be applied in every department and at every interaction throughout the customer journey.

“Smith+Co helped us turn high-level brand strategy into specific elements of a new branded customer experience that could be delivered in complex operational situations. Their ability to draw on a broad range of perspectives from within and outside our sector helped us raise the bar on what to deliver and consider new ways to make it happen.”

Peter Gowers CEO, IHG Asia

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