Brand purpose and customer experience are most powerful when they are grounded in customer insight – insight into the difference you make (or could make) to your customers’ everyday lives.

Whilst it is true that most major companies conduct sophisticated customer research and analysis, what they usually end up with is piles of data.

The challenge is to find the actionable insight on which to prioritise your efforts in order to deliver your purpose and drive your customer experience.

Watch Out For...

Slicing and Dicing…

…by every single customer segment. Focusing on multiple market segments is good for communicating your promise but useless for defining it. You’ll end up trying to be all things to all people. Focus on your primary target customers, what you stand for as a brand and the value you bring them.

How Smith + Co Can Help

  • Brand Understanding – using existing data and research to review your brand purpose and current company culture
  • CEM+ Survey – qualitative and quantitative research with clients in key segments to build an objective view of top customer loyalty value drivers of your target clients
  • Customer Journey Mapping – providing a visual depiction of your current and desired customer experience and highlighting potential touchpoints that will differentiate you
  • Employee Experience Survey– with your people to identify their engagement with the brand and also identify the barriers and enablers to implementation

Employee Insight

The purpose of the Insight stage is to gain absolute clarity around customer expectations and to what extent these expectations are being met. Using our tested and proven process to assess current levels of customer satisfaction and engagement, we build a comprehensive picture of the key drivers of customer loyalty for your business and your target clients.

As well as a customer focus, this process recognises the vital role that employee engagement plays in the delivery of a differentiated customer experience. We know from our own research at Smith+Co that there is about an 85% correlation between the way your employees feel about the brand and the way your customers do, hence our unique approach combines analysis of your employee satisfaction with customer insight to provide the solid foundation for the definition of your brand promise and customer experience design.

“Smith+Co gave us unprecedented clarity around what earned loyalty in the market and enabled us to communicate hard facts to senior managers and staff alike. I would recommend their approach to any business embarking on a strategy centered around the customer.”

Darren McLean, Head of Customer Insight O2 Ireland

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