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Whatever your event, we understand that it represents a significant investment for your business and that finding the right speaker is a key factor in making the occasion a success.

The team at Smith + Co offers a wealth of expertise in speaking at a wide range of event types.

With Customer Experience as a central and topical theme, each of our speakers specialises in a different aspect of this broad topic, bringing their own extensive knowledge, skills and real-life experience to life to engage, inform and entertain your audience.

Our talks can be adapted to suit a variety of event formats, from a conference keynote to executive seminars, facilitated breakfast briefings and dinner sessions as well as round-the-table debates. We specialise in thought-provoking and collaborative events to challenge, inspire and motivate listeners, encouraging further discussion and questions.

Five reasons to choose us to speak at your event

  1. The experience, expertise and authority of top practitioners in customer experience.
  2. Powerful speakers with a strong reputation for stimulating change.
  3. A commitment to simplify the theory and make it relevant to your audience.
  4. Ideas and insight into the most innovative experience practices from comparator brands.
  5. Reassurance that you’re putting a top-rated speaker in front of your audience.

What We Speak About

Brand Purpose – How to execute business purpose successfully by delivering a branded customer experience people love – achieving exceptional results through exceptional experiences.

The Experience Economy – The shift from products and services to experiences and the opportunities to differentiate within this shifting culture.

Enabling and inspiring your people to deliver the experience – developing a holistic strategy aligning product, process and people.

Delivering customer experience across multiple channels – the role of social and digital marketing; and the evolution of contact centre to experience centre.

Practical roadmaps for implementing and measuring the experience – what works, what doesn’t and the pitfalls to look out for.

We work with audiences of all sizes worldwide. And for non-English speakers, we’re experienced in working with simultaneous translators to ensure the message hits home with full impact. That’s why we invest time prior to your event to understand your audience, your culture, your business and your objectives.

Keynote Speakers

Our experts have established their reputations by working with leadership teams around the world to deliver memorable, distinctive and purposeful customer experiences.

Whether it’s customer experience strategy and implementation, translating customer insight into experience design, or brand alignment – our experts have the tools and experience to support you.

Shaun Smith

Founder of Smith + Co

An internationally established customer experience thought-leader.


How do you inspire people to think innovatively about creating and delivering a distinctive customer experience? Shaun is widely regarded as one of the top customer experience speakers and is a firm advocate of the ‘uncommon practice’ approach to defining customer experience.

Andy Milligan

Managing Partner, Smith + Co
Founding Partner, The Caffeine Partnership

A brand expert with twenty years of experience in connecting
brand strategy to the CX.

The world of branding has become so complex that many people forget the basic principles that make a great brand. Andy’s worked in the world of branding for over 30 years. And in amongst its growing craziness and complexity, it’s good to have a speaker who keeps it simple, stimulating and highly practical.

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Book Our Speakers

We know it can be daunting selecting a speaker; you’ve got your reputation resting on it. So have we. If we don’t think we’re the best fit for you, we’ll tell you and, if possible, we’ll try to point you to someone else who can help.

You get our 100% guarantee we won’t give you the hard sell or bug you with endless follow-up calls. But the best way of finding out if we can help, is to ask.

Speaker Testimonials

“The audience reaction was overwhelming. I think the greatest testimony to your presentation is in the scorecard: never before have we had a speaker whose rating has consistently gone off the end of the grid!​ We’ll definitely be looking at bringing you in for another event.”​

Michael Barrett, Conference & Research Manager, TFWA

“We worked with Shaun throughout 2014 on a series of Customer Experience Forums, which have been hugely impactful in increasing the effectiveness and network of our customer leaders. As well as expertly delivered keynotes, Shaun’s session design and facilitation was successful at bridging the differences and uncovering the similarities between the 100+ cross-sector participants attending each Forum. Shaun’s deep expertise and up-to-the-minute insights meant the content was always compelling. Shaun’s extensive network, the ease with which he worked with our other speakers, and his commitment to the series ensured that every Forum was a success and that every learning and networking opportunity was maximised.”

Matt Jowlett, Leadership Strategy & Capability, RBS

“Shaun’s contribution to our conference was fantastic. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his sessions and found them extremely value-adding. The overall conference feedback has been overwhelming, both from delegates and senior management. Shaun’s effort to tailor his sessions in line with our overall conference objectives and agenda was greatly appreciated. I am someone with high expectations but Shaun definitely exceeded them.​ ​The delegates awarded Shaun’s presentation the highest score of any external speaker. He not only met my expectations, but also the expectations of my customers, which is what really counts. I would therefore like to thank him again for his contribution to our successful conference.”

Hugo Koppelaars, Commercial Director – Global Account Management, TNT

“Shaun joined us for our annual conference where we were re-launching our values for all our customer-facing staff. Shaun skilfully wove his presentation around the theme of the day, enhancing many of the messages we were giving with his own experience of working with other successful key brands. Shaun’s session on the day helped to pull together our values and sales strategy and gave all of our team a great kick start to get out there and make a difference!”

Adrian Lee, Operations and Human Resources Director, Big Yellow Self Storage

“Shaun worked with us to deliver a clear message that provided a fresh and compelling external view whilst linking it to our market and our challenges. His thought provoking approach and interaction with our managers during his speech was impactful. It has driven a new level of thinking and passion about how we see our customers and how we will work to deepen the emotional connection with our brand.”​

Carole Edmond, Managing Director, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

“Shaun made a real difference to our conference in Cologne and the discussions we were able to have there. His insights were very thought-provoking and all the more powerful because of the time and trouble he took to make them relevant to us and to our business. It was impressive to see the effort he invested in getting to know us in order to ensure that his messages landed appropriately.​ His commitment is much appreciated. We are on a journey of discovery and he helped us on our way.”

Sandra Ling, Transformation Manager, BP European Fleet Services

“I would like to thank Shaun for helping make this year’s programme such a success. His engaging performance style and great examples brought our event to a fitting climax. Our aim is to build strong and lasting relationships with our business friends. Shaun’s whole-hearted participation throughout the event was a key ingredient in helping us achieve this.”​

Jonathon Thornton, Director Corporate Affairs, Rexam PLC

“Thank you for your fabulous session at Oxford. Great insights and thought-provoking. Your session perfectly complemented the week!”​

Chris Good, CEO, Estee Lauder

“Shaun invested time to understand the context of the talk and the themes we wished him to reinforce. He delivered a speech that was right on-target. It further built on the events of the day and was engaging and thought-provoking for our customers.​ As a result we received very positive feedback from everyone involved.”

Stuart Potchinsky, Chief Marketing Officer, Vidus

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