Best Western

“Smith+Co developed a programme that went beyond the customer experience and helped us to design training that really engaged and brought the whole brand to life. The ‘Personality Experience’ has now been successfully rolled out
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“To embark on a purpose that is to mobilise the entire organisation is a leap of faith and requires strong leadership and the support of organisations such as Smith+Co to take you on this incredible
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Rentokil Initial

“Great insight and innovative thinking” Smith+Co have supported my businesses over many years providing great insight and innovative thinking. Whether consulting or speaking they provide leading-edge thinking, inspiring teams.

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The support, guidance and direction given by Smith+Co have enabled us to create a positive change in the selling culture within the Waterstones business. The approach they took has ensured buy-in at all levels within
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Smith+Co have a deep understanding of the complexities of customer experience and were extremely effective in helping us to build our brand around customer experience. I recommend that companies focusing on customer experience take advantage
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“Smith+Co created an end-to-end view of our most valuable customers' experience across their life-cycle using our NPS data” Due to their insights and leadership we not only created an experience which had shared ownership, which
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