Defining Your Customer Experience Strategy

From the outset we help to get your customer experience initiative off to the best possible start, working with your team to put the foundations in place for success.

  • The right customer experience strategy linked to your purpose and brand positioning.

  • A solid business case based on key customer focused metrics.

  • A fully aligned and engaged executive team.

Working with key representatives from your business we develop a CX roadmap tailored to your current situation and requirements, with clear milestones and agreed deliverables at each stage.

Starting your customer experience initiative

Many organisations seek to differentiate through customer experience without a systematic process – and even fewer link it to brand purpose. Different executives have contrasting ideas about what needs to be prioritised and implemented.

The first place is getting your senior team’s backing. But getting commitment to a large change programme is not always easy.  At Smith+Co, we focus on five key steps to help you navigate all the complexities of customer experience and create a clear roadmap for success.

Our 5 Step Guide

We help you achieve clarity on customer expectations and what drives customer loyalty, as well as recognising the importance of employee satisfaction in the delivery of your customer experience.

Our research tool helps you focus only on those factors that really make a difference: the values that drive customer loyalty, customer retention and advocacy and the key actions you need to take to increase this.​

A promise that defines what customers can expect, and provides focus for your people.

We help you define a promise that reinforces your brand positioning, builds the foundation for your customer experience and aligns the many visions, values and customer charters into one clear direction.

An experience that is intentional, consistent, differentiated and valuable to target customers.

​We help you define what you need to do to deliver your brand promise at every touchpoint of the customer journey. And, most importantly, which touchpoints to ‘dramatise’ so that they become hallmarks for your brand.

Motivated employees with the knowledge and skills to deliver the experience; supported by the right products, processes and technology.

Most organisations do training, yet fail to deliver a great experience. We create branded customer service training that builds employee engagement and enables your people to deliver a differentiated customer experience. We also help you create a blueprint to align people, product and process.


A scorecard and metrics linked to your strategy and financial targets, enabling you to sustain your effort long-term.

​We help you monitor your performance on the key drivers of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, aligning your financial reporting and your KPIs to include measurement techniques such as Net Promoter Score and Voice of the Customer. This ensures you reward people for the right behaviours and the effort is sustained.


Where To Begin

Five steps to defining a distinctive customer experience

Our five steps give an overview of the stages we guide our clients through in designing and implementing their unique customer experience.  Of course every organisation is different and every organisation is at a different point in their customer experience journey.

In working with you, our aim is not to shoe-horn you into a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather to understand your specific challenges and objectives in order to offer the most effective support in helping you to achieve your outcome.

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