Contact Centre Customer Experience Design

Contact Centres are a key part of many businesses, and with the high volume of customer interactions comes the opportunity for a significant impact on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and advocacy.

At the same time the contact centre is in many cases seen purely as a cost centre, and as such the primary focus becomes efficiency - often at the expense of customer experience.

Customer experience design for contact centres requires a specialist approach which takes into account the need for a combination of efficiency, effectiveness and experience in a way which maximises the value for the organisation in the longer term.

How Smith + Co Can Help

  • Contact Centre CX Transformation Planning - the move from a focus on efficiency to delivering an experience.
  • Employee Alignment - branded training to provide contact centre employees with the knowledge and skills to dramatise your brand.
  • Leadership Training - recognising the vital role of managers in leading the transformation.
  • Technology Alignment - ensuring your technology enables the experience, not constrains it.
  • Analytics and Measurement - using the latest Voice of Customer (VOC) and text analytics to create an experience dashboard.

Creating A CX Focused Environment

CX in the contact centre is based on the same principles as for any other touchpoint - making it easy for the customer to engage and then delivering a customer experience which is aligned with the brand purpose and brand promise. Achieving this involves taking a different approach and implementing alternative customer analytics which measure the process and experience instead of the more traditional metrics such as cost and time, or measures founded on procedural success as defined by the organisation rather than the customer.

Taking this approach further recognises the dependence of the contact centre CX on the customer service skills of each individual agent, their understanding of how to deliver against the brand promise, as well as the freedom they have to do what is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.

Smith + Co support contact centre leaders in gaining the skills they need to create a CX focused environment, and employees in developing the knowledge and brand understanding to deliver the desired customer experience. Through branded training Smith + Co enable your people to facilitate a customer experience that will be valued by your customers, leading to improved customer loyalty as well as higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.

Watch Out For…

Beware of metrics founded on procedural success as defined by the organisation, as opposed to emotional success as might be considered by the customer. e.g. First Contact Resolution - transferring the customer to another department counting as a successful resolution vs actually sorting the problem out

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“Smith+Co have been working with us on our contact centre solution, Service Cloud. They immersed themselves in our messaging and took the time to really get to know our strategy, enabling them to act as a true partner, always forthcoming with great ideas.”

Marie Byrne, Marketing Manager Salesforce
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