Measuring The Experience

The final stage is to create a way to measure the impact of your customer experience initiative, ensuring that the outcome is positive and that the experience can be sustained.

Measuring indicators such as profitability and EPS growth is vital to understanding business performance but they are lagging indicators – the RESULT of differentiation, and customer loyalty. Making your customer experience sustainable means establishing measures that relate directly to the key drivers of customer loyalty and advocacy.

How Smith + Co Can Help

  • Define a measurement process – we recommend a measurement process to measure the impact of the customer experience and assess the ROI.
  • Scorecard design - we design the scorecard, including recognised techniques such as Net Promoter Score and Voice of the Customer, and then measure client satisfaction, employee engagement and agreed KPIs after implementation to evaluate the results.
  • Dashboard design - we can also design an on-line dashboard to feedback results around customer loyalty and advocacy to all levels.

Integrated customer experience scorecard

Following implementation we help you to identify and measure the leading indicators of customer experience and your performance on the key drivers of customer loyalty and advocacy. Using recognised measurement techniques such as Net Promoter Score and Voice of the Customer we work with you, bringing in our specialist partners as required, to create accurate and timely data that you can use to guide business decisions.

By building an integrated scorecard to align your financial reporting, customer experience and other operational measures we ensure that KPIs are linked to this to make it easier for you to measure and reward people for the right behaviours so that effort is sustained.

Continuous communication of results to all levels of your organisation is recommended to embed the measures and hard wire this as the way you do business.

Watch Out For…


The debilitating condition in which everyone is obsessed with capturing data on everything that can possibly be measured. Only focus on the few key metrics critical to success. Measure what matters and ignore anything that doesn’t otherwise it will scramble your brains.

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“Smith+Co gave us unprecedented clarity around what earned loyalty in the market and enabled us to communicate hard facts to senior managers and staff alike. I would recommend their approach to any business embarking on a strategy centered around the customer.”

Darren McLean Head of Customer Insight O2 Ireland
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