Voice Of The Customer

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) means simply your customer feedback about their experiences with your organisation, or sometimes about their future expectations.

With a myriad of data sources now available, whether through direct capture methods such as surveys or focus groups, or more indirectly through complaints, social media or even transactional records, the challenge becomes how to select the right data to answer the questions which relate directly to your organisational goals, and then how to translate this into actions which will drive your customer experience.

How Smith + Co Can Help

  • Define a VOC programme - as an integral part of your wider CX initiative, to fit with your brand purpose and customer experience objectives.
  • VOC Platform - where appropriate we introduce our specialist technology partners to automate and rationalise the capture, collation and analysis of data from multiple sources.
  • Design dissemination processes - we recommend processes focused on getting the results to the right teams to take action.

Building Customer Satisfaction

Organisations that are able and willing to capture and act on Voice of the Customer feedback have the advantage of being able to base decisions on facts rather than subjective opinion or anecdotes. Voice of Customer programmes offer a proactive means to capture the changing needs of key customer groups over time. This in turn allows the business to respond rapidly to improve the customer experience in ways which offer real value, building customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

With so much data potentially available it is tempting to simply capture as much as possible, however for there to be a real impact on customer experience it is important to also have solid plans for what you will do with the data collected, and to have a genuine intention to act upon your findings.

A centralised approach to VOC, with champions in each functional area, helps to avoid silos whilst also maximising the chances of action being taken.

Finally, for a successful VOC programme in line with a wider CX initiative, the customer voices must be representative of the key target customers, and the data collection device relevant to how they prefer to communicate, timely to their experience and simple to complete.

Watch Out For…

...listening for the sake of listening instead of listening to improve the experience.

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“Smith+Co gave us unprecedented clarity around what earned loyalty in the market and enabled us to communicate hard facts to senior managers and staff alike. I would recommend their approach to any business embarking on a strategy centered around the customer.”

Darren McLean Head of Customer Insight O2 Ireland
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