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Sometimes you just need a bit of expert guidance in key areas. Our bespoke in-house workshops are designed to do just this. Specifically tailored to your organisation, they will help your team think innovatively about your customer experience and achieve clarity on how to design, deliver and sustain it.

What Happens in Our Workshop

We offer six core workshops, each focused on different elements of the customer experience journey. Each comes with our Smith+Co guarantee:-

They’re fast paced. A full intensive immersion into the ‘how to’, the tools, the practices that really work and the chance to question the experts. For this reason, we always recommend pre-work reading and assignments so that executives come into the workshop with a shared understanding of the methodology and the terminology

They’re immediately applicable. Whilst covering the theory, much of the time will be spent on the application, so people walk away with practical action plans that can start to be implemented the very next day. We provide guides and tools to help with the application.

They’re interactive. We avoid the usual ‘data dump’ and long onerous power-point sessions. Our style is high energy, challenging, idea-inducing, entertaining and engagingly experiential. If you can’t create a buzz around customer experience at this stage, you can’t expect your team to lead it with any enthusiasm. We use digital and case studies to bring this to life for delegates as well as self-assessments to determine where you are on your journey.

They focus on innovative practice, rather than best practice. They build on our research, books and experience of working with innovative brands around the world. So we draw on examples such as Apple, Burberry, O2 but also include many other less known brands to demonstrate that you don’t have to be bit to be innovative

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Which Workshop is Right For You?

Sometimes you may just need a bit of expert guidance in key areas - our workshops are designed to do just this. They’re short and highly effective ways of giving you and your team the know-how to define and deliver your experience.  The question we'd encourage you to ask is which customer experience workshop is right for you?

Our Customer Experience Strategy & Implementation Workshop is a short, highly effective immersion into the latest thinking around customer experience and the simple, proven steps to implementing it successfully.
Our On Purpose Masterclass brings together key stakeholders from across your organisation, and creates the foundation for creating purposefulness in your overall direction and in the experience delivered to your customers.

Our Customer Experience Design Workshop takes a simple yet rigorous approach to defining the touch-points, understanding the experience you currently provide and then using your brand promise as a framework for designing the new experience.

Our Contact Centre CX workshop gives you the tools to bring about a fundamental step change in your contact centre, moving beyond efficiency to a customer experience which drives customer advocacy and value for your brand.

Branded training has to engage the head, heart and hands. Your people need to know what to do differently, want to behave in that way and have the skills to do so. Our Employee Experience Workshop is the culmination in a process that ensures you have the internal capability to sustain the effort over time without the need for consultants.

The Social Media & CX Workshop gets right to the heart of how to use this constantly evolving marketing tool to make your customers part of your brand. Learn how to communicate your brand purpose and create an excellent customer experience through this touchpoint.


“The workshop was insightful and inspiring. We have a much clearer understanding of how we can differentiate our customer experience and deliver our brand in our European operations. Most importantly, we now have practical tools that we can use to engage our people and enable them to deliver the Phonehouse experience.”

Richard Smelt Group HR Director
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