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Social Media and Customer Experience

Social media is a key marketing tactic to help your business stand out, to communicate your brand purpose, and to make your customers part of your brand.

The world of social media is constantly evolving and new strategies are emerging every day to help brands manage their communication. This workshop is designed to give a full overview of the latest social media trends and tools, to ensure that you offer an exceptional customer experience through this key touch point.

We will use plenty of current examples from the best performing brands in social media across the globe to bring to life some of the fundamental learnings in the industry so far. Most importantly, we’ll spend time exploring what the best practice processes are for when social media takes an unexpected turn, or for when you need to encourage better customer loyalty.

What We'll Cover

  • Aligning your social media strategy with your CEM strategy
  • An overview of the current social media landscape and how top brands are performing
  • Understanding how to speak to the customer in social media
  • How to WOW your social media following and create an online tribe
  • Customer service and social media: what to do when it goes wrong and to ensure a great experience
  • Defining a brand promise and customer experience that builds loyalty
  • Aligning social media with your current teams across the business – and how to empower your staff
  • Measuring your social media success

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