CX Strategy & Implementation

Your organisation is thinking about embarking on a customer experience programme but where to start? What resources are required? What are the pitfalls to watch out for? What does best-practice implementation look like? What return can we expect from our investment? What's the best strategy for us?
Our customer experience strategy and implementation workshop is a short, highly effective immersion into the latest thinking around customer experience and the simple, proven steps to implementing it successfully. By bringing together key stakeholders you will ensure that you have an aligned team behind your customer experience strategy from the very start. Importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to raise and answer all those thorny questions and doubts that can undermine commitment. It’s your chance to question the experts and also learn about the practices that define leading brands. This workshop is an investment that will save you time, money and stress

What We'll Cover

  • Determining the best CEM strategy for your organisation
  • Identifying the values that drive customer loyalty for your business
  • Identifying the enablers and barriers to delivering great experience
  • Defining a brand promise and customer experience that builds loyalty
  • Developing an implementation plan to align your products and processes - and how to get your people behind it
  • The pitfalls to avoid and how to measure your success
  • Selecting and manage the best external experts to help you - and whether you need them